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Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild Horse Mesa is a beautiful location in the San Luis Valley, in Costilla County, south of San Luis, Colorado, about 45 minutes north of Taos, New Mexico.  (Map of southern Colorado) There are roaming herds of wild horses there, descendants of horses released by Spanish explorers about 500 years ago.  Other wildlife includes deer, elk, birds and small game.

The mesa rises up from the surrounding agricultural valley, which has been farmed for centuries.  To the west, across the valley, are the San Juan Mountains.  To the north and the east are the snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Mt. Blanca, over 14,000 feet, is to the north.  The Rio Grande River flows south through the valley to New Mexico.

On the east side of the mesa is Lake Sanchez for boating, sailing, relaxing, and good fishing for pike and trout.  Lakeside and lakeview lots (Section G) are typically from 1 acre and up and are the most expensive lots.  East mesa lots (Section F) are not far from the lake and are typically 2.5 acres.  South mesa lots are larger and more expensive, including large estates.  There is a grass airstrip and the Melby Ranch visitors lodge on the south mesa.

The west mesa (Section D) has more lots and homes and cabins with electricity and a view of the valley to the west.  Along the west base of the mesa (Section C), there are lots available at the valley level, along Highway 159, and lots rising up in elevation to the rim of the mesa, providing a valley view.  There are also lots with electricity in this section, and the highway provides quick access to San Luis or a drive to Fort Garland, Blanca, Alamosa, La Veta, Walsenburg, or Taos.  Alamosa is about 45 minutes to the west.

There is a water tank serving Section D on the mesa's northwest side.  There are some wells on the south mesa, but many mesa residents have water delivered to water storage tanks (cisterns).  In areas without electricity, generators, solar panels, batteries and wind generators are used.  Cell phone service is available in the area.

There are year round residents on the mesa and vacation homes for summer visitors.  There is a Wild Horse Mesa volunteer fire station and community building and a chapel.  Roads are dirt or gravel and can be muddy, depending on the weather.

Access is from Colorado Highway 159 on the west side or from local roads east of San Luis to the northeast side of the mesa.

We think that Wild Horse Mesa land is a good investment that will rise in value as more baby boomers choose to retire to this quiet, rural location with beautiful mountain and valley views, a lake, clean air, wildlife, and fresh produce from local farmers.

Call us for more information on Wild Horse Mesa investments.  Lots are available from about $4,000 and up.  If you like, you can buy land with your self-directed IRA account.  We can serve as your investment advisor and refer you to a local real estate agent or a property for sale by owner.

Below are some pictures of Wild Horse Mesa, Lake Sanchez, San Luis, San Luis Valley, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the nearby Sand Dunes.

Property Owners Association Information:  
Wild Horse Mesa Community Co-op
San Luis, CO 81152

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